The following structure of the PE is in function for the purpose of efficient operation and tasks performance:

  • Independent units: organizational units outside the departments, under direct competence of the PESR Director
  • Independent sectors: organizational units under direct competence of the PESR Director 
  • Departments: organizational units under direct competence of Assistant Directors
  • Units within the departments 

The toll collection stations are Public Enterprise’s subsidiaries, which purpose is to charge toll, but which do not have the status of legal entities and do not act independently.

I. An independent department is:

  1. Financial Affairs Department, with the following units within it:
  • Unit for International Payments, Monitoring of Contracts Involving International Payments, and Monitoring of Contracts with International Financial Institutions
  • Financial Planning and Analysis Unit
  • Accounting and Payments Unit

II. Independent units are the following:

  1.  Internal Audit Unit
  2.  Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Unit
  3.  Control Unit

III. Departments under direct competence of Assistant Directors, within which there are units as follows: 

  1.  Department of Legal Affairs, Land Acquisition Procedure Preparation, Human Resources Management and General Affairs
  • Unit for Legal Affairs and Land Acquisition Procedure Preparation
  • Unit for Human Resources Management and General Affairs
  1.  Public Procurement Department
  • Public Procurement Unit
  1.  Department of Roads Maintenance, Roads Signalization, Roads Protection and Toll Collection 
  • Roads Maintenance and Roads Signalization Unit
  • Roads Protection Unit
  • Toll Collection Unit
  • Unit for Electric Installation Maintenance and Traffic Analysis
  1. Investment Department
  • Investments and Roads Construction Unit
  • Unit for Planning, Monitoring and Administration of Technical Documentation
  • International Projects Management Unit
  • Environment Protection and Social Aspects Unit

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