Lighting of Melnicki Bridgeprint

Status: Completed
Type: Regional road
Location: Regional road R1202, section Mavrovo - Debar
Financing: PESR own funds
Start date of works: 04.11.2014
Intended completion date: 26.11.2014
Contract value: 2,300,000.00 MKD (VAT included)

Project details

About the project


Length of the lighted road: about 650m. Number of 10-meters-tall lampposts installed: 18 single-arm lampposts (12 along the bridge, 3 at the bridge approaching zone and 3 at the bridge leaving zone). Number of lights installed: 18 high-pressure sodium (HPS) lamps of 250W. Electricity consumption reduction ensured by an installed dimming light system. All 250W lights use 150W power when under dimming regime.





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